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Our Mission

The Universal Kenpo Federation is dedicated to the perpetuation of American Kenpo.  Ancient dictates have always considered the Martial Way as a spiritual path, conjoined with a physical protective system to protect and manifest one's life.


Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker taught that an evolving system was the only true path, and logic the denominator.  Experience and time in grade are the thrust that accelerates that understanding.


Our American way of life has always benefited from freedom and truth, without compromise.


In the establishment of the Universal Kenpo Federation, many things were considered, primarily the perpetuation and evolution of Kenpo.  We also wanted to establish a network of loyal people who could exchange many different skills besides those on a martial level.


Edmund Kealoha Parker created a base of knowledge for the Kenpo practitioner to study.  Inherent in that study is innovation and dimensional changes.  These changes increase the base of knowledge available for future generations to build on.


The Universal Kenpo Federation was created to serve the need to expand dimensionally in Kenpo without the politics and established regimes.


The maintenance of ongoing exploration of the concepts and principles of our Art coupled with extensive work on the mats and most importantly in the real world, will assure the quality and depth of Kenpo.


The Universal Kenpo Federation is an open federation that welcomes all who wish to pursue American Kenpo.  The Universal Kenpo Federation is an independent, non-political entity that is based upon Truth and Clarity.


Find out more by getting in touch with a member of our team.

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